Welcome to GASHE

GASHE is short for God and She – in that if there is a God, there would be an equal and harmonious counterbalance of masculine and feminine energies. Hence, if God is a He as determined by a millennia of patriarchy, there must be a She.

At GASHE we seek to balance perspectives not only between genders but through the complete quantum diversity of every human perspective and experience. We are radically inclusive, irrespective of gender, race, sexual orientation, ideological beliefs or fetishes. Everybody’s perspective is important and many are different and thus interesting.

In a modern society becoming ever more divided, we hope that GASHE can unite through open-minded collaboration, sharing cultural perspectives and reminding each other that we’re all living beings on this planet. There is no need, and little time available, to be fighting all the time.

Peace and love to you. May the future bring you strength, passion and dreams come true.