written by Danny Silver / November 25 2012

The big five-oh has come along so quickly! Check out this weeks new music selection from Tonik, Diistortiion, Wilhelm and more, plus the top 10 tunes of On the DL so far
Holy cow this modest little column has reached its fiftieth chapter! That means I’ve served you up over two hundred and fifty fresh tunes since I started this, and over that time there have been some absolutely stunning music. As well as presenting you with my usual fare of five fresh tunes, a DJ mix, a video, and something a little old school, below you will find my personal ten favourite tunes from the On the DL series. Each one contains links which should lead you to a whole bunch of free downloads and great music. Keep your eye on this site and the Gashe facebook page throughout the week for a tasty download pack and an exclusive On the DL mix, and in the mean time, share the love and turn it up!

Toyboy & Robin - In Need
It must be pretty obvious by now that I love a bit of that UK funky sound, and this corker of a tune is no exception. Opening with a slow building intro laced with a handful of different vocal samples and soft pads before wiggling into a tasty broken beat skip. The lengthy breakdown at about two thirds of the way through would run the risk of being too long on most other tracks, but somehow it ll manages to hold together wonderfully here. Musically beautiful and full of dancefloor attitude, this is going straight in my DJ bag.

Rapper Big Pooh - Friends (Handbook Remix)
Another sunny hip hop winner from Handbook. A wonderfully beefy beat and old school record samples hold up the big spits from Big Pooh. Strings and brass and drum rolls float within the beat too to turn this into a genuine headnodder, and the bass kick feels like its coming straight out of the speakers to kick you in the teeth.

Wilhelm - WIP
Apparently this is not quite the finished product yet, so if you dig this you will just have to keep an eye on Wilhelm’s profile. What is there, however, is some proper jacking house that skips along at an energetic pace without ever seeming to get ahead of itself. The percussion sounds damn near perfect to me already, and the tune is full of interesting and colourful trickles of sound, thick-yet-gentle synths, and a spinning vocal hook, this tune just makes me wanna dance!

The Prodigy - Voodoo People (Pendulum vs Diistortiion Mix)
I’m sure you all know the original, defining tune from the gods of stadium electronica, which was of course later whipped into a drum and bass frenzy by Pendulum (while they still had a little cred). Now Melbourne local (and former resident of my home town, Perth) takes this to a new level by twisting the opening segment into a very old school big beat sounding realm, before allowing the DnB to take back control - the center section is more or less Pendulum’s version of the tune, but out of that comes some real thick & nasty & slowed down breaks from Diistortiion. A freaking great rework.

Tonik - Spashot 3 (Fybe:One Remix)
Some tunes seem to carry a lot of mass, where others seem to be almost completely weightless - floating about in a zero gravity wonderland. This wonderful track certainly fits in with the latter, gliding effortlessly among stars and planets and swathes of percussion get washed through by lazy sythns and a warped garage vibe. This is one of those tracks for headphones, quiet spaces and closed eyes as it should certainly lift you into gravity defying realms along with it.

DJ mix of the week...
Lapalux - Mix for BBC Radio 1
Made for Rob Da Bank’s BBC Radio 1 show, this about twenty two minutes (after the brief interview at the start) of pure dripping sonic sex. Tastefully small in its track listing, this mix never attempts to break any DJ speed records, but instead focuses on the feel: Dim lights, soft furnishings, gentle yet thick beats, and someone special. Sadly, this is not a free download, because it’s one I’d like to have ready to play in those special late night circumstances.

live selection...
Beardyman vs DJ Fu & a drummer - May, 2008
Beardyman is of course a member of beatboxing’s royal family, and in my opinion the most entertaining one of the lot of them. In this very cool (albeit a little grainy) vid, Beardyman effectively challenges a talented turntablist and a drummer to a battle and comes out with shining gold stars for a smashing performance. Damn this guy is good.

under the radar...
Freq Nasty ft. Phoebe One - Boomin’ Back Atcha (1999)
Suely you’ve heard this before, but likely it has been quite a while. One Freq’s earlier releases, this bomb tune still carries all the swagger it did when it came out thirteen years ago. Yeah, thirteen years ago!

Drum Roll...The Top 10 tunes from the first 50 installments of On The DL!:
(in no particular order)

The Weeknd - Initiation

Machinedrum - U Don’t Survive (Chrissy Murderbot Remix)

California Wives - Tokyo (Different Sleep Remix)

Dusty Springfield - Son of a Preacher Man (Holtoug Bootleg)

Jaydiohead - Reckoner’s Encore

Known to be Lethal - Neptune

Singularity - Nanox

Bondax - Baby I Got That (Justin Martin’s Endless Summer Remix)

Speech Debelle - I’m With It (Lapalux Remix)

Evian Christ - Fuck It None of Y’all Don’t Rap

(Thank you all so much whether you are a reader, a featured artist or both - without you I could of course never have reached this point)

Peace, love, and raves :-)