written by Danny Silver / November 18 2012

Forty-nine and doing fine. I'll have to do something special for number fifty next week, but until then enjoy new sounds from Para One, Leftside Wobble, Ultrademons, Phon.O and more...
I have made a minor change to the format of this weekly wrap up: Previously, I was in the habit of always highlighting the tunes that were available for free download, but I think all of you are probably intelligent enough to follow the links and figure it out for yourself. If there’s a download button there, hit, play it, and share it. If not, and you like the tune, damn well wait for the release or go and buy it! As this particular blog has a heavy lean towards electronica, we do have some exciting news for those of you who crave more rock driven sounds - Lolly Belle is the newest recruit to Gashe and will be filling your ears with all sorts of sounds from the world of rock, metal, punk and the like so keep your ears open for that too!

And as always, The Gashe Radio Show drops live this afternoon, from 6pm-8pm Melbourne time (that’s GMT +11 for all you internationals). Just hit the Gashe Radio link up there on the right and turn the volume up... and drop us a line on our facebook page with any comments, requests or shout outs.

Rihanna - Diamonds (Ultrademons Remix)
This has got to be one of the most unexpected remixes of the year. I have to admit that the opening thirty seconds or so didn’t do heaps for me, but the interesting little pops and wobbles kept me hanging on until the surprising introduction of of fab jungle beat, and then a half time trap drop, and then some hardcore synths somehow get dropped in subtly - and hardcore synths were never meant to work “subtly”. Rihanna’s vocals serve more as a point of reference to tie all the varied sounds together, but I’d be very happy with the dub mix of this track.

Bat for Lashes - Daniel (DJ Self Help Remix)
So, electro house got slowed down and had some latin drums added to it and it became moombahton. Countless reinterpretations of course ensued, and then it got sped back up a bit to become ‘soca house’, which sounds like a fusion of the gentler side of said moombahton, and UK garage. The soul of the original remains, but until about two thirds of the way through this is almost unrecognisable other than a few heavily filtered vocal snips. Being at once totally different from the original tune and definitely born of it, is testament to DJ Self Help’s artistic vision when he hits the studio.

Public Service Broadcasting - Everest (Leftside Wobble Remix)
I came across this little gem becasue I follow Leftside Wobble, and this remix is certainly fitting for this modest blog. The thing I found most interesting though, is the background information about the original. Public Service Broadcasting are actually two multi talented musicians who dig up old samples from public information films and news broadcasts and work them into musical compositions. This tune in particular was inspired by and made with sounds from a 1950’s film based on the first conquest of Mt Everest, and the music is uplifting and inspiring just like it should be.

Janet Jackson - Control (Sophie Lloyd Edit)
Get yo’self some 80s! The original JJ track was released in 1986, and this nifty rework retains all the retro electric drum and wiggly synth line goodness. I am starting to think that much of the music of the eighties really only suffered due to the lack of production technology available at the time, as this touch up shows that those beats have got beef. Mixed in with subtle elements from modern day bass music, but staying ultra true to the original track, Sophie Lloyd has done a fine job on remix duties here.

Para One ft. Jaw - When the Night
If you’re in the mood for some funked up retro sleaze house, then this is the tune. Slapping along at a modest pace, with an electro tinged beat and Jaw’s early house sounding vocals, the video for this track contains all the late night red light subject matter it could. Layered with thick bass guitar hits, reversed drum samples, and an all ‘round big sound, this has all the markings of an Aussie summer anthem. Thanks to Noisey for unearthing this one.

DJ mix of the week...
Phon.O - DJ Mix for NTS Radio, October 2012
I’ve got a couple of Phon.O tunes tucked into my DJ bag, and it’s always interesting to hear what a great producer can do when it comes to mixing other people’s material. This sweet half an hour is laden with deep vibes, creeping through deep house, techno, tech house, and even a touch of garage. With tracks from the likes of Pearson Sound, Joy Orbison and Jacques Greene, this is real dark room dancing material; heads down and moving rather than hands in the air and singing. Just the kind of vibes to swing you through until the sun comes up, or just until you’ve finished cleaning the house.

live selection...
Skream and Disclosure, back 2 back in a hotel suite.
Kindly made possible by the rad peeps at Boileroom, this starts out as a fairly simple still video shot of three guys playing tunes in a hotel room full of people. Over the course of the hour though, obviously a few drinks are had (among other things no doubt) and the music whips the room into a frenzy of dressing gowns, quilts, and torn open feather pillows, turning the party into a proper hotel room destroyer. Glad I didn’t have to pay the bill, but I do wish I was there.

under the radar...
Destiny’s Child - Say My Name (Cyril Hahn Remix) - June 2012
Seems like this has become the RnB-diva-remix edition of On The DL. Taking the classic lady-power RnB vibes of Destiny’s Child and twisting it into a heartfelt deep house jam is no mean feat. By pitching the vocals down until they sound like the croonings of a man, adding a smooth kick/hat combination, and a few well placed pads, however, Cyril Hahn has done just that. The music and the vocals never seem to be vying for supremacy here either, rather both cooperate perfectly to produce a cool, gentle roller that should surely get a few sing-a-longs on a dancefloor or having you shaking your booty at home.

Image courtesy of Ultrademon.