written by Danny Silver / November 4 2012

Still bumpin', still ballin', still making noise. Jump into this weeks' selection with Splatinum, Rudimental, Cheesus, Pale and more...
I really don’t remember the last time I felt starved for good new music. Sometimes I hear people say things like “everything’s been done already”, or “there’s nothing good coming out anymore”. I say, they are either stuck in their crumbling little past or they just don’t dig hard enough. If I had more time, I’m sure I could give you five new tracks every day, but I think once a week is still probably enough noise. As usual, it’s a varied affair below, with sounds touching the realms of house, hip hop, crunk, and calypso.

Also, tomorrow (Nov 6) we will be doing a special live Gashe Radio broadcast from our favourite little club, Somewhere Bar, while we DJ there for the public holiday masses. If you can’t make it down in person, watch for the updates and tune in via Gashe Radio!

Jetpack Jones - Superficial
Produced by Handbook, who I have mentioned several times over the last few weeks, this is smiling, sunny day hip hop. Handbook has a knack for creating beats that sound as if right now was ten or fifteen years ago, but with absolute polish. Jetpack Jones has that smooth riding lyrical flow that’s bound to get your head nodding or your hips griniding at your local block party in a flash. And if the block party doesn’t have this tune, it’s a FREE download.

Osiris-1 - Thoughtcicles
Also featuring helping hands from Los Cauz, Emily Ariel Cohen, and Awe, this is molasses thick glitch hop at its slowest and most intoxicating. Opening with the sweaty sounds of crickets chirping through a hot night before sliding stickily into the twisting beats and ultra-slow raps, this is a tune for those sunrise moments where everything is spinning. Grab the FREE download and chill.

Chesus & Organ Grinder - Audioporn
Dropping through Addison Groove’s Soundcloud account, this is a cheeky morsel of acid house. A bouncy four-on-the-floor beat and tweaking groove underpins the none too sublte spoken vocal line, which I think has some sort of sexual references. The Soundcloud version is only just over a minute long, but a quick YouTube search should bring up the full six and a half minutes of seedy pleasure.

Rudimental - Not Giving In (Bondax Remix)
The drum and bass tune that has been euphorically destroying dancefloors world-wide has been given the loved up Bondax treatment. Gone are the tearing syncopation and hands-in-the-air synth lines; instead the bluesy vocals are pinned down on a bumpy, piano laden calypso sounding beat that has all the usual Bondax romance boiling within it. A really fresh remix on an already fantastic track.

Smoke Screen - Smoke and Lasers (DJ Self Help Remix)
The original was already pushing the sounds into a futuristic world, but DJ Self Help has blasted this swaggering joint into a far away galaxy of crunking pleasure. A fairly self indulgent but deft rap laced with a few previously known lines wriggles its way through huge bass kicks, half time claps, and stabs and sounds a plenty. Not only is this a FREE download, but you can pick up the whole remix EP for ultra-cheap by following the Bandcamp links.

DJ mix of the week...
Pále - The Fat Club Mix
I have shared a few Pále tunes over the last few weeks, mainly from his excellent Catacombs EP, and this mix was done as a prelude to the EP release. In true Pále style, this mix is a divine combination of all manner of bassmusic from heavy vintage house, to garage to juke, trap, chillstep and beyond. Sublimely tying unusual sounds together seems to be what Pále does best, and the attention to levels and overall build of this mix is simply awesome. Featured artists include FaltyDL, Caribou, Pearson Sound, and Jacques Greene

video selection...
Umshini Wam - A Short Film by Die Antwoord
This has been around for over a year now, but I only just came across it so I thought it was definitely worth sharing. Ninja and Yolandi are just a couple of misunderstood, star crossed lovers who like to roll around in wheelchairs, spark massive joints, and shoot shit. It’s fifteen minutes of fun to watch, and there are plenty of deeper meanings if you feel like getting all analytical on it, too.

under the radar...
Splatinum - Heart Attack
With such a damn cool name, and a lovely dubstep sound, I don’t know how I didn’t hear of Splatinum before now. A tasty 140bpm half beat holds up the thick squelchy bass and 8 bit game sound samples, while the echoed out vocal snippets keep proceedings from getting too hectic. I especially like the drop at the half way point the certainly takes things to a higher level, but never just goes stupid. There’s still a FREE download on this and it’s a full-res WAV.