written by Danny Silver / October 7 2012

The seasons are a-changin', but Silver is still here to serve you your Monday music, this week with Snap!, Gorka, FaltyDL, Armeria and more...
Living in the Southern Hemisphere and writing about tunes and producers from the Northern Hemisphere can be very interesting. As we gear up for the sunny part of the year, the parties on the top half of the world are beginning to wrap up as the cold starts to flex its claws, which has a definite and noticeable effect on the music. A little more melancholy seeps in, a little more retrospection too. But given that people are spending more time indoors, the quality of the production always seems to start an upward trend as the mercury begins to drop. As always, enjoy and share what you dig, and stay tuned on Gashe for a new single release from Solid Light tomorrow, and of course, Gashe Radio Live every Monday!

FaltyDL - Straight & Arrow
This is the radio edit of the upcoming single release, set to be dropped in November. FaltyDL seems to have taken the cues of so many up & coming garage and bass producers by incorporating layered, detuned, chopped up vocal stabs over a skipping beat, but in true Falty style, every kick, hat, and click has a lusciously soft edge and is swirling with soul. Very excited to get the full length edit next month!

Gorka - Running Away
A tastefully minimalist approach to slow disco funk, with just the right amount of vocals to keep it interesting. Opening with a well polished kick, shortened single piano chord, and funky guitar loop, and patiently taking its time to flow into the nu-disco pads and panning, echoey femme vox, this is one of those tunes you can completely lose yourself in, forgetting how long it has been playing for. Given that this is a FREE download, you can lose yourself in this all week if you like.

Snap! - Rhythm is a Dancer (Aylen Remix)
Honestly, I’m not sure if I’m totally in love with this yet, but it is definitely entertaining and certainly worth a mention. Opening with the familiar 90s rave driven vocal before taking the synths up a notch and then simply dropping the whole shebang into a gigantic trap beat. If you’re a DJ, then it probably wouldn’t hurt to have this one up your sleeve, and if you’re a listener, then just take your hand away from your chin and have some fun with it, as it is a FREE download.

Handbook - Can I?
How this guy manages to make such simple loops and basic beats sound so damn good is becoming one of the great mysteries of my Soundcloud feed. Every hit, stab, vocal bite, sample and kick works seamlessly with the sounds around it, turning it into a sure fire head-nodder. If you think this crispy hiphop beat is begging for a rap over it, check out Handbook’s other productions too, and don’t forget to grab the FREE download on this one!

Lion González - Slowdancefloor
At 130bpm, this is not even really that slow, but the vibes this tune gives off are all leisurely, sedate lullaby grooves underpinned by a tasteful syncopated beat. The trickling high end melody and airy builds will surely transcend you to a place where all of your worries disappear and it’s just you and the one you love, swaying to a romantic groove. There’s no release or download news on this as yet, but if you dig it, make sure you hit Lion up on his Soundcloud!

DJ mix of the week...
Armeria - Juice Box Mix
I have blogged Armeria and several of the artists within a few times now. This was a mix made for another friendly music blog, but it’s still damn fine and definitely good enough to be pushed through here. Packed with bumpy garage vibes, jackin’ nu-school vintage house, airy post-dubstep romantics, and even a very slickly worked in classic. This twenty-four minutes is ripe for home stereo, headphones, or car stereos, and really makes me yearn to hear Armeria in a club, on a big system, and is FREE for you to download an enjoy.

live selection...
Mr Green ft. Malik B & Kevin Brown - Live from the Streets
Noisey do some cool stuff. In this short vid (which does have a full length version), beatmaker Kevin Brown finds an itinerant acoustic street performer, records his ditty, plumps it up with a few beats and some squelchy bass, and then grabs The Roots man Malik B to spit some dope rhymes over the top. It doesn’t get a whole lot more raw than that.

under the radar...
Etta James - You Can Leave Your Hat On (Funk Ferret Remix)
This rework is just over a month old and managed to slip by me at the time. Etta James’ fab cover of this ever popular little slice of sleaze has been given a little more punch by Kiwi funk master, Funk Ferret. Nothing over the top, just a few extras to drive it on to a modern funky dancefloor, and it’s still a FREE download.