written by Danny Silver / September 30 2012

Take some dubstep, add techno, a splash of ambient, a dash of psych rock, a few breaks and a bit of moombah. What've you got? This weeks serving of fresh new noise...
Absence makes the heart grow fonder, or so they say. I’ve just had three days out in the country-side without an amp or a speaker in sight, and it has been lovely. The sort of space only outlying geographic areas can provide can refresh the mind, refuel the soul, and reinvigorate the inspiration. The space and the silence seem to have cleansed the noise from my mind, leaving only the music. I have come back with a big thirst for new tunes, and my main man, Sea, has also arrived back from his overseas adventure, so the music will doubtless be pumping to you for plenty more Mondays to come - and remember we drop LIVE on Gashe Radio every Monday too!

...oh, and before diving into the tunes, artowork above was created by arcipello -

Method - Motoko
Ambient music can seem like a gargantuan beast, stuck in its dark universe of spacial, beatless noise. Method seems to have heaved a gentle half-step beat beneath his post-apocalyptic ambience, giving it just a little more power without losing the floaty ambience he has done so well in previous ambient efforts. Once the beat gets rolling under this leviathan, it seems as if the inertia will carry it forever, and with the FREE download, you can make it so. 

Tame Impala - Elephant (Canyons Remix)
Take one group of Australian psych-rock superstars and get them remixed by another top Australian psychedelic outfit, and you have this; a lazy winding synth snaking its way across a kitsch but tough bassline and about three and a half minutes of build, build, build before the tripped out vocals and acoustic drum patterns shoot through elephant blasts and interstellar soundscapes. If that makes no sense, then jump on the FREE download from Modular Records and figure it out for yourself.

Frederic De Carvalho - Pod-o-logy (LaTourette Remix)
Like any self respecting new electronic music genre, moombahton has begun to splinter itself into a bazillion different sub-sub-genres. There’s moombasoul, moombahcore, moombahchill, moombahstep, and now, moombahsplif. Listening to this chunky remix by the jacks of trades, LaTourette, with it’s thick bass buzz, like the Stanton Warriors on codeine, I’d add a new label - moombahbooty. Get shakin’.

Adventure Club - Retro City (Bronze Whale Remix)
Not often does a dubstep production come along, and much less a remix, that manages to find that balance point between big bass, thick synths, and bright melody. Bronze Whale have achieved just that, with their signature short bass kicks and long swathes of low end, leaving the decidedly trancey melody from the original to float perfectly into place, and even a quick little jaunt through rave territory toward the back end. There’s actually a FREE download on both this remix and the original, so follow the links to bonus noise!

Plump DJs - Electric Disco (Busta Remix)
As if the original of this tune wasn’t already fat & dirty enough, Busta has come along and chucked a little more ghetto-funk flavoured mud at it. The fun fuelled, kick-snare-kickkick-kick-snare doing the rounds of all your favourite drinking holes right now rides underneath that now very familiar squelching bass line, with a phat sack of scratches and samples slammed on top for good measure. Grab the FREE download if you’re feeling phat!

DJ mix of the week... - Deep Bass in the Rainbow
A Melbourne local and part of the city’s royal family of all sounds of the broken-beat, here takes a slight side-step from the booty-breaks he’s so fond of to take a slightly deeper trip. Packed with the sounds of future-garage, rave, post-dubstep, electro, UK funky, and of course a healthy dose of straight up breakbeat, to deliver a very comprehensive serve of broken bass music, that even cops a good serve of cowbell along the way. Jump on your FREE download for this week’s long listen.

live selection...
Ice T - From the film “Breakin’”, 1984
Much time had passed since I had last watched this fabulously cheesy breakdance movie from the decade that taste forgot - so much time that I’d completely forgotten that that strange dude rapping in the ski mask was Ice T - yep, the same gang-kid come rap-royalty come Law & Order actor. No one can say he wasn’t there from the start! Just enjoy.

under the radar...
Sven Vath - Harlequin / Beauty and the Beast, 1994
Although this is a tune we’ve probably all heard countless times before, there’s a good chance it has been quite a while since any of us have really taken this ten-minute trip in all of its freaky glory. To listen to this song, on YouTube, eighteen years after it was made, and have it still sound so good and so relevant to todays techno world, is a true testament to making this an absolute classic.