written by Danny Silver / September 2 2012

A thoroughly scrambled dish of beats and bass for your Monday recovery session. Tune in and float back to your weekend with Jaques Renault, Addison Groove, Gang Colours and more...
It really has been one ballistic, unexpected, messy and massive weekend here in Gashe land. All sorts of entertaining, memorable, and wildly inappropriate happenings have passed before our eyes, and no doubt will sink into our psyche and somehow get reborn through the music. This hedonistic cacophony is still trying to settle down my slighlty melted mind right now, but hopefully this weeks’ selection of sonic finery will give you a hint of what an interesting few days it has been. As always, there is plenty of free stuff in here, so share the sounds you love and keep the party going!

Ladyhawke - Blue Eyes (Jacques Renault Remix)
New Zealand’s electro-pop darling Ladyhawke sure has a fine style for getting a neat remix treatment. This time around, Brooklyn based beatsmith Jacques Renault drops his vintage vibes all over the track, reducing the vocals down to the bare minimum and riding with a smooth, deep old school house feel, complete with analogue synths and African drum patters that should have you back in the 90’s in no time. Thanks to the awesome crew at Modular, this is a FREE download for y’all.

Gang Colours - Fill Me In
Yep, it’s a cover of that well known Craig David ditty from 2000. This version takes proceedings a whole lot deeper however, with brooding synth lines and a broken beat that’s a little more glitchy garage than the skipping, poppy UK funky of the original. The singing alone isn’t quite up to Craig David’s standard (love him or hate him, the lad can sing) but the overall product is something that manages to find a lot more soul. See for yourself by grabbing the FREE download.

Ambassadeurs - My World
This floating, woozy production is a bass laced trip through space. Littered with skittering hats and rapid fire but understated toms, the ambience of this tune is what really draws you in. Orbiting its way around a big garage beat but tastefully never landing right in dancefloor territory, My World is an intergalactic romance from another world, and it’s a FREE download.

Weeks Co - Rock Your World (TZ Edit)
Sliding in amongst all the future thinking bass this week is this discoed-up chunk of boogie driven house. It’s firmly paying homage to sparkly times past, but the clean and polished production ensures the tune is easily recognised as a modern slice of dance music fun. Part of the Tugboat Edits collection, this baby and a handful of others are ready for you to boogie on down to as a FREE download.

Kill Frenzy - Titsss
A lot more chilled than you might expect from the artist name, this broken up slice of bass takes on a decidedly Justin Martin vibe - not surprisingly seeing as they share the same Dirtybird stable. A simple, short vocal sample helps to sit tongue in cheek a little as the sexy and flexy breakbeat bounces its way through all of the other clicks, hats and hits that are showered down. Out soon so keep a track of this one!

DJ mix of the week...
Samari - Construct Concept Mix
One of Gashe’s regular club guests and a definite crowd favourite, Samari here digs deep into the future - a future of techno driven sounds that are both hard edged and grooving. Clawing through a spectral realm of machine driven, speedy four-on-the-floor beats, the minimal sections are laced with funk, and the whole mix charges forward to powerful future of flashing lights and banging beats. Jump on the FREE download and prepare for liftoff.

live selection...
Calle 13 - Live in Brooklyn, 2012, plus interview.
This video jumps from live footage, to video clip, to interview with these Puerto Rican superstars. Concocting a very fresh sounding blend of rock, hiphop, and symphonic sounds, these lads have a vision for their music which feels incredibly real while at the same time professionally polished and widely accessible. Big-ups to our Latin American Gashe massive - this one’s for you!

under the radar...
Addison Groove - Footcrab (2010)
This is a pounding, relentless slice of bassmusic. Jacked up to juke speeds with a bizzare repeating vocal sample and a bass kick that would rattle mountains before dumping some unexpected yet perfectly set sounds that parade as the ‘melody’. Simultaneously hurried and laid back, this is the underground master at one his most daring and brash times.