written by Danny Silver / August 26 2012

Prescribed by all good beat doctors as the cure for Mondayitis, jump into this week's selection; includes Holtoug, Bondax, MJ Cole, Kid Koala, Solid Light and more...
Before we dive into this weeks slab of sound, I have an idea to put to you: I, along with many of you I’m sure, have a particular distaste to the current structure and policing of copyright law around the world. It is plainly evident that the present model is severely outdated and really only serves those at the top of a very tall pyramid. Upon having a minor run in with copyright violations over the last week, however, I have started to take the opinion that, in terms of the DJ mix set, these archaic confines may actually be a positive thing. If the scanning software picks up that I have copyrighted material in my sets, then perhaps I just have not done a good enough job in digging deep and presenting music to the world that otherwise may not get heard. Just a thought, but your comments are most welcome. While you’re thinking that over, get into the fabulous music below.

Julee Cruise - Into the Night (Holtoug Bootleg)
I’m putting it out there now; Holtoug is the king of the bootleg. After such gem reworks as Walk on the Wild Side and Heard It Through the Grapevine, Holtoug has wrangled on of the lovely and very memorable tunes from that old TV show, Twin Peaks. Those of you old enough to remember the original will no doubt appreciate the sped up melody line being drawn into gorgeous deep house territory, with just a sprinkling of the original vocals. Perfect for club sets or lounge room reminiscing, and it’s a FREE download.

Dhalsim’s Reach ft. Didjelirium - Just to Feel Alive
Although short and sharp at under two minutes long, this collaborative effort is like a full day at a relaxation spa. Gentle snares and clicks driving a subtle electric guitar and Didj’s now very recognisable and ever thoughtful raps combine to massage this one into your soul. And ‘Dahlsim’s Reach’ has got to be one of the coolest artist names out there. And it’s a FREE download.

Baby I Got That - Bondax (Justin Martin Remix)
This artist combination is one exciting prospect, and it does not fail to deliver. Bondax’s loved-up atmospherics and and garage vibes get a delicate beef up from the recent flag bearer of low slung breaks. The bit of extra speed drive the piano line straight into vintage house rave-land, and the bounce of the bass is like dropping super-balls on a trampoline. Amazingly, this is a FREE download, and at 17 & 18 years old, we’ve surely got a lot more to hear from Bondax.

Delilah - Shades of Grey (MJ Cole Remix)
No, this is not a semi pornographic book written for bored housewives. It is total summertime beauty, done in the bumpy way only MJ can. Short string stabs, perfectly balanced vocals, and a funky bassline that should have you putting on your white shoes and heading back to 1999. This recording is a radio rip from Annie Mac’s Radio 1 show, but it’s a damn fine tune nonetheless.

Hot City - You & Me 4 Eva
Just get your freakin’ rave on! Hot City drop a broken, acidic, detuned piano driven bombshell right on your head complete with flashes of those old chipmunk vocals and a couple of bull horns for good measure. Teamed up with a rather sleazy video and a slightly dodgy feeling FREE download link, this has got them proper old skool vibez.

DJ mix of the week...
Solid Light - Live Album Launch Mix, Loop Nightclub Melbourne, July 13, 2012
Solid Light’s very well polished and superbly crafted debut album was featured on Gashe Radio a few weeks back, and some smart cookie thought it would be a good idea to record the launch mix that dropped around the same time. Tying together a handful of tunes from the Passwords album into a DJ mix is no simple accomplishment, but the final product is an atmospheric blend of sounds and songs just waiting for long term car stereo or iPod playlist life. The good people at Bad Party are giving this away for FREE, and keep an eye out for the upcoming interview with Solid Light here on Gashe, too.

live selection...
Kid Koala - Live at Musique Electronique, Wisconsin, July 2011
Turntablism, as much as it requires real talent, dedication and creativity, can often get bogged down in a mess of scratches, rewinds, and self gratifying spectacle. In this vid, Kid Koala brings the fun back the fore, doing what he does best with three turntables and a Koala onesie - all the while keep the flow and rockin’ the show.

under the radar...
Lapalux - Time Spike Jamz (Devonwho Remix)
I first came across Devonwho recently via another friendly music blog, and his deeply dripping bass instantly grabbed my attention. This rework of Lapalux’s already rad slice of sonicism (?) manages to be at once both a twisted descent into dark chilled zones, and a scattered, driving piece of dancefloor swagger. Get into it.

More info (external link)...