written by Danny Silver / August 19 2012

The tunes come thick & fast this week; there are beauties, beasts, and bassline bombs... and of course a trove of FREE stuff for you to wrap your ears around
The paradox of a lot of music, and especially true of much of dance and electronica, is that what is often an introspective and somewhat selfish process of production becomes a unifying, global consciousness. That tune that was made during a particularly messy break-up somehow ignites dancefloors and festival crowds into frenzies of unprejudiced love and unabashed dancing. Maybe that’s one of the reason’s we can become so entwined with the music, and hopefully this week’s selection grabs you as hard as any have. Love the sounds, share the love.

Department of Eagles - No One Does It Like You (DJ Self Help Dub Mix)
This is an inspired reworking of the 2008 original that channelled the political pop of the late 60’s. Doing away with the lyrics that have been the basis of so much debate and turning the raw guitar chords and sharp percussion into a stomping ghetto-disco booty shaker. A few messed up vocal snippets and a fun filled cowbell round things off well, and there is a drop into the original chorus for a short time to ease the spanking drum line. FREE download on this gem.

Drvg Cvltvre - Goodbye Coolboy
The pervading atmosphere of pretty much all of Drvg Cvltvre’s sounds is some sort of post-apocalyptic world as seen from the bottom of a K-hole. Goodbye Coolboy takes a tough techno vibe, slows it down, spices it with some moombahton style snares, and laces a foreboding, acidic bassline over the top. Mixed with rumbling kicks, echoing pads, and a FREE download, this should have you slow dancing into oblivion.

Karma Kid - Lust, Love
I almost didn’t want to include this tune because it’s so damn good I wanted to keep it to myself, but in the interest of sharing damn fine tunes, here it is: Opening with some delightful atmospherics before diving into a crystal clear pool of deep house kicks, garage-y clicks, and the back and forth of two juxtaposing vocal lines. Karma Kid has been going from strength to strength over the last twelve months, and the good people over at XLR8R have this as a FREE download for you all.

AlunaGeorge - Your Drums, Your Love
AlunaGeorge (lack of space intentional) has been setting the underground world of bassmusic ablaze lately with her spectacular vocals. Most of her known works have been appearing on other producer’s beats, such as Bondax and Rustie, but here is a totally independent track that could surely take hold of some more commercial ears, too. It has all the roots of the UK underground, but ties it in with gorgeous RnB style song so well. Set for release in early October, this is a preview you won’t forget.

Network - Moving On
The build here is so subtle and so well crafted that you won’t even realise you have moved from whispering pads into the bounce and thump of the breaks that get dropped just over a minute into this tune. Skittering hats, syncopated snares, and one of the most elastic beats I’ve heard in a long time get this tune, as the title suggests, moving on in a very positive direction - straight to the dancefloor that is... and it’s a FREE download.

DJ mix of the week...
Flip3K - Elements Guest Mix, July 2012
The eighty-sixth chapter of the Elements guest mix series is a beauty. Melbourne local and break-beat royalty Flip3K lays down his patented blend of dancefloor grooves, swinging effortlessly between the four-four base of the likes of Maceo Plex, the deep breaks of Justin Martin, the broken tech of Evil Nine, and the all out ball tearing of Foamo. It’s done the way only Flip3K can do it, and it’s FREE for you to download.

live selection...
Sigur Ros - Staralfur (Live at the BBC studios, March 2010)
With Harvest festival just around the corner, and to give you a little respite from all the bass and beats above, settle into a faultless live performance of what is, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful songs ever written. I don’t understand Icelandic, but this song literally has the power to bring tears to my eyes, so I hope you feel it too.

under the radar...
Memotone - Sadsack (March 2012)
I’ve only just stumbled upon Memotone’s surrealist aurals, and this tune from earlier this year is certainly worth checking out. So much ambient work is just a sticky pile of mushed up sounds, but this has a certain sombre groove to it. The lilting piano, static crackles, and atmospheric drums drive the beat from within, rather than pushing it in your face or ignoring it altogether. Jump on the FREE download and see for yourself.