written by Danny Silver / June 3 2012

Just like a chocolate milkshake, except with better music and less milk. A big glass of sweet sweet tunes awaits in your weekly audio digest...
Pushing musical boundaries doesn’t always have to be forcing sound into aggressive, brain warping frontiers; it can be just as importantly about fusing two previously unmatched styles together, or finding new ways to lock the vocal to the track. I think there’s a few of these in this week’s sonic appetiser. The music is stunning me right now, I hope it does for you too.

FaltyDL - Do You Box?
Take a little New York jazz, a touch of samba and bossa nova, and some gentle piano. Add kicking east coast hiphop beat and several guitar samples, lace it with a proper garage vibe, and you’ve got Mr. DL’s phat new head nodder. It’s a slowburner, as FaltyDL is never one to rush things, but this tune is worth the journey.

Cadenza - Satisfied
This is one of those ‘instant like’ tunes. After the warm, lofi horn build at the start, Cadenza backs up a truck to dump a super slomo break out on to the pavement, mixed. Littered with diverse percussion an feeling like some twisted late night trip-hop, or bigbeat through blurry glasses, Satisfied will curl its way through your ears and down into intoxicating depths.

Jonathan Boulet - This Song is Called Ragged (Dro Carey Remix)
Modular are constantly putting out really interesting sounds, and always of a high quality. Using a broken, fidgety beat with a unique way on tying in a vocal line, this tune just has a strange way of forcing you to listen. It’s like stumbling upon a late night tribal fire dance, and it’s FREE to download.

Heim - With Me
Last week I featured another Heim tune, and it seems as if this particular artist may stay on my radar for a while to come. With Me is less washed out and more colourful than last week’s highlight, and while the sultry garage atmosphere remains, this gets its techno on pretty firmly too. It’s currently a FREE download, and bigups to Bokah too.

Lee M Kelsall ft. Thabo - Something
If you need something to blow the chills out, then this ray of vocal driven uplifting house should be just the thing. Opening with a directive that the tune should only ever be played as a sign that “things just got better”, the only agenda this has is to make you feel good: Hands in the air and dancing with ten thousand of your best mates on a beach kinda feel good.

album/ep of the week...
Justin Martin - Ghettos & Gardens Album
While his stellar underground breaks tune LEZGO has been destroying dancefloors, Justin Martin has been crafting one perversely huge album. Much of Ghettos & Gardens is armed with depth-charging broken disco and sordid slomo rave sounds, all of which command both attention and movement. Dropped on Dirtybird records just recently, catch the preview after the jump.

live selection...
Total Science & S.P.Y. ft Riya & DāM FunK - Piano Funk (Accoustic Version - April 2012)
Currently on rotation in many a big name DnB set, this accoustic studio recording is the backbone to soulful slice of liquid that’s floating so many dance floors right now. Enjoy this live version and then jump into the club mix.
Club Mix:

under the radar...
Lou Reed - Wildside (Holtoug Bootleg)
Recently re-uploaded as a FREE download on Holtoug’s Soundcloud, this really is proof that less can be oh so much more, especially in the case of an already great tune. The original lays completely intact, and is simply injected with well crafted and well placed percussion, and a bit of a bass beef up to make it perfect for warm-up grooving.