written by Danny Silver / May 27 2012

As prescribed by your local beat doctor, take one bunch of rad tunes with a good cup of tea and get your week off to a flying start...
Sometimes you just have to nail down and dig to find treasure, and after a slow start to the musical week, plenty of gems have been turned up in the depths of cyberspace. We have a grand opening to a revolution, a slab of witch house (which house?), dubstep love songs, a confounding beat box lecture, and a dusted off piece of hip hop magic. Just get into it, and jump on the DL’s...

WarPa!nt ft. Diane Di Prima - How To Make A Molotov Cocktail
Opening with a stirring monologue from Ms Di Prima’s 1969 Revolutionary Letters, this song rides a steam powered beat machine into a tunnel of skanking broken beats and garage vibes. This local Melbourne production oufit is putting out some wikkid tunes at the moment, so I look forward to seeing a bunch of them getting picked up in the near future.

Nero - Reaching Out (Udachi Edit)
This pairing is really just so perfect. The electro oddball Udachi putting his mits on Nero’s epic production tendencies. The result is one gigantic swaggering beast of a tune. The build up is synthy and euphoric, but the drop is single, swinging, deep bendy bassline. This edit is huge, but with its cap pulled low. FREE download too.

NAPT - Bear Bang
One of the most consistent producers of the recent breaks world, NAPT have always seemed to just find unusual sounds and tie them together so well, all the while making you sweat it out. Bear Bang is some kind of jungle break. A kuduro spiced trip that thins out towards the end into a late night jazz bar. Shouldn’t work, does work.
Heim - Sill Love U
So those with a love affair for the candle-lit bass sounds of Bondax, Koreless, Maribou State and comapany have another musical romance about to take flame. This horizontal lover takes control by the end though, firmly holding on through the agressive but caressing bass slaps. Full of punching kicks and whirred up vox, it’s ripe for a dance in a more vertical state too, and it has a FREE download.

ViLLΛGE - Nothing Between Us
Sliding through the soulful side of bassmusic, as well as being tricky for us bloggers to type, ViLLΛGE are making some seriously smooth beats. This particular tune rides along on a well oiled dubsteb beat, but full of additional kicks and hats, and with a variety of different vocal stabs and lovely warm bass throbs.

album/EP of the week...
oOoOO - Our Loving is Hurting Us EP
One of the flag bearers of the drag house/witch house movement, the unpronounceable oOoOO delivers a strange yet wonderfully crafted EP of sludgy, goth trodden hiphop beats and lead heavy samples. I don’t usually like to blog another blog, but this is streaming completely from XLR8R, and they are pretty cool...

live selection...
Reggie Watts live at TED, Longbeach California, 2012
Long known as an important coming together of many of the world’s biggest thinkers, Reggie Watts takes the audience on a philosophical, liguistic, cultural, and finally musical journey, all with nought but a microphone, some loops & effects, and a mighty fro. His cuts between languages and sections of his presentation are flawless.

under the radar...
Busta Rhymes - Whoo Ha! (Jay Dee Remix), 2008
Yes, it’s been done a million times, but when it’s that cool who really cares? Jay Dee doesn;t try to do anything outside of head-nodding hiphop here, but just drapes Busta’s timeless rap over a bubbling, fat dark room beat. Spark one up.