written by Danny Silver / March 25 2012

On the DL can now finally drink booze in all western countries (coz it's 21!). Get your party on this week with Gorgon City, Bassnectar, XI, Underworld and a whole slab more...
Twenty-one; it seems this modest weekly noise-fest has come of age. It has also been one of the busiest weeks I can remember in a long, long time. The preparations for our G:5 festival are well under way, and damn we’re gonna have some fabbulour tunes to throw down for it if this week’s internet round-up is anything to go by. We’ve managed to squeeze five free downloads in here for you too, so turn up the volume and make sure it annoys your neighbours. If you get no noise complaints, it’s not loud enough!

Beatculture ft Steffaloo - Belong
A dreamy, sublime venture into skipping, dubby territory that manages to also include a subtle, late 60’s Beach Boys sample along with Steffaloo’s wistful vocals. This would be the perfect soundtrack to a lazy late afternoon on an empty rain drenched beach. There’s a FREE download on this gem, and the rest of the Dreams album is available from Beat Culture’s Bandcamp page.

Gorgon City ft Janai - The Truth
Black Butter records do it again. This time bass heavyweights Foamo & RacknRuin present a surefire dancefloor destroyer. Building to a stratospheric peak of soft synths and Janai’s gentle singing, The Truth then plummets full force into cavernous depths of reverberating monster bass and broken beats.

Uprooted Sunshine ft. The Alcatraz - Musical Bombing
These guys are a musical collective taking reggae to places it may never other go. Written during a journey between China and Kazakhstan, the initially rootsy sounds periodically drop into dirtier, bass-ruled worlds, but never stray from their easy going rasta vibes. With vocals in at least three different languages, and backed by a 50 minute documentary style video, this is truly a nation spanning ditty. FREE download on this too!

Peh Per Ghost - Loose Changes
This is one of those tunes that really defies any kind of pigeon-holing. The intro is a gentle mess of slightly uneasy, metallic basement sounds, before finding its beat amongst the rattling chains and dripping background sounds, before the tune stealthily slides into a woozy blend of guitar layers and indistinguishable vocals. And it’s another FREE download.

Sissy - Acid Cake (XI Remix)
XI seems to be one of those artists with a wonderful knack of nailing the remix. This take on Acid Cake is a slow-burning, minimalist UKgarage roller. The heaving beats give the impression that the song is actually breathing heavily along its slow but powerful path, coupled with puffing hats and stretched out tape loops, this will put your world in slow motion.

long play of the week...
Bassnectar - Vava Voom
The long haired emperor of in your face, psychedelic bass has a new album ready to drop in the coming days. The title track is a grimey, snarling dubstep trip featuring none other than Mr. Lupe Fiasco on MC duties. You can grab a FREE download of another of the feature tracks, Ugly (a somewhat manic, eastern drum driven sweatbox of a club-killer), straight off the Bassnectar site and preview all the album tracks too.
Artist site & preview:
Vava Voom single:

live selection...
Underworld - Born Slippy (1999)
One of the greatest EDM acts of all time have recently released (another) best of’s album, and you only need to take a look at this video, from thirteen years ago, to see why they remain such a powerful force. Back when Darren Emerson was still at the mixing desk (and still had some sort of artistic credibility), with Karl Hyde in his trademark, mesmerisingly mad stage persona, this still manages to give me goosebumps.

under the radar...
Known to be Lethal - Mindphuck
I featured one of Known to be Lethal’s new tracks a couple of week’s back, and have since had a bit of a dig through his older stuff. Mindphuck is a crazy blend of 16bit Nintendo sounds, cascading piano, and thrashing drumstep bass. Kinda like Mario & Luigi at the end of an candy-flipping weekend bender - you won’t know whether to laugh or dance your legs off... and there’s still FREE downloads available on this too!