7LIVES (2011)

written by Sea / October 20 2011

A man questioning his place in the world lives his life vicariously through other parallel realities7lives is yet another adaptation of the style of plots that includes Donnie Darko and Butterfly Effect, where one life can be suddenly reincarnated in another, usually from a thought or a passing comment.

7lives, written and directed by Paul Wilkins, has a decidedly British flavour, and follows the life of a married man, Tom (Danny Dyer), debating some internal issues that include his seemingly spark-less marriage and the drudgery of his job. As do people conflicted and down on themselves, Tom wonders if the grass is greener on the other side, and has the opportunity to explore this concept when he is savagely beaten by local hoodlums, who dare him to try life in their shoes.

He instantly becomes one of the hoodlums and lives life through that perspective, which is rough, loose and morally confused. While the actor changes, other characters remain consistent, except their lives become different under their new circumstances.

From a thug on the streets, Tom's lives include a homeless man, a rock star, a boxer, and a doctor, all with varying accomplices and their own storylines and relationships that each new life entails. Tom's recurring battles continue as he fills in the gaps in his own life, while seeing through the eyes of others.

His learnings culminate in his ultimate decisions with his relationship and his own strength of character. His 7th life is essentially the chance to relive his own.

While the plot is dark and uncomfortable at times, it moves along at a decent pace and the unique use of different lead actors for each story works.

2 1/2 stars
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